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European Projects 
Erasmus Plus - Connect Abruzzo is taking a leading role in developing people skills, enterprise and employability skills.

Recent Projects 
Connect Abruzzo is leading or collaborating in the following projects;

-Young Migrant Entrepeneurs - YME - Entrepreneurship among migrants must be seen as a new arena for social, economic and political action. The Young Migrant Entrepreneurs (YME) project will focus on providing entrepreneurial support for strengthening the skills of young workers and migrants. INFO Partnership: Romania, Italy, Holland, Scotland and Turkey.

-Learn-Find-Tell-Act - The LEARN-FIND-TELL-ACT project aims to foster social inclusion and active citizenship of young people, promoting the right understanding of the phenomenon of migration. Partnership: United Kingdom, Italy, Lithuania, Turkey, Romania and Greece.

-Disability Youth Worker - DYW - A new professional support figure is born, defined by the European Union, to work with disabled young people. Partnership: Poland, Italy and Spain.

-BackToRoots - The project aims to find innovative solutions to create development in rural areas and train tourism operators. Partnership: Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden and Portugal.

-SSaNeProMM - Art – Artisan – Culture Course, “Applied Methods of Cultural Communication lead by the Complexul Muzeal Național Moldova of Iasi, the biggest museum complex in Romania

-WB-TAC - Erasmus plus KA2 - exchange of good practice where turning tourism, art and culture into empowering tools -MORE-

-Vlogger - Enter the world of communication and business with the opportunity to travel abroad thanks to Erasmus + and the option to do a work placement in Italy. -MORE-

-Museum Mediator - Learn the skills of museum mediator, who is a professional figure who has tourist, linguistic and cultural skills. Through him art becomes tourism. -MORE-

-ACTO - Professional Training with placement abroad to prepare Italian participants for a career as Museum Mediator  here art becomes tourism -MORE-

-Children's Mission! - Europe wide project bringing culture and education of children closer together with Il Girotondo of Lanciano -MORE-

-VTEC - Professional training and 2 month work experience in industry for UK participants with Connect Abruzzo as receiving agency matching participants needs with industrial requirements for an effective experience for all parties involved -MORE-

-DEEM - Europe wide partnership researching into best practices for professional training in employability with Connect Abruzzo as Partner -MORE- 

-BBCCC - Professional training and 2 month work experience in industry for UK participants with Connect Abruzzo as receiving agency matching participants needs with industrial requirements for an effective experience for all parties involved -MORE-

- ALJARAFE EN EUROPA - Placements and professional training of Spanish participants who worked for 4 months in the area around Lanciano , Central Italy managed by Connect Abruzzo -MORE-

- Fit 4 Europe - Placements in the sports industry for UK citizens to encourage commercialising and sharing of ideas of sport for the younger generation -MORE-

-Movilidad de las Personas por motivos deaprendizaje - A collaboration between local Lanciano industry and politicians with politicians from Seville , Spain to encourage an exchange of ideas and contacts hosted and organised by Connect Abruzzo -MORE-

-Advantage Abruzzo 4 Education - 4 month placement and professional training for UK citizens organised and executed by Connect Abruzzo. 3 flows of 30 participants worked in the Lanciano , Central Italy area funded by the Leonardo DV program -MORE-

-Regional Funding professional training organised and executed by Connect Abruzzo in Italy for Italians followed by a 4 month placement in the UK or Spain -MORE-

Improving Employability through Team Work
Intrapreneurship and digital competences

Connect Abruzzo has been hosting and working with LLP Program(Leonardo, Grundtvig and Mobility) since 2004 and has developed a Europe wide network of Partners happy to do business with central Italy. On Mobility projects matching the right participant to the right job is the key to our success. Mentoring is an important factor for the general well-being of groups. We strongly believe in empowering people to make them succeed on their path. Our organization has received recognition from 'We mean business' for the work done on different projects.  

Participants learn important life skills like;  

living and communicating with people
language and cultural skills
perseverance and determination to succeed
relevant work experience
multicultural empathy
marketing themselves for a new career 

Wherever you are in Europe and wherever you want to be in Europe

Participants welcomed by 
the Mayor of Lanciano on local TV

Short film explaining what you get from your

The view point from 
participants after their
2 months in Italy
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