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Creating and marketing Web Sites


work based and student based learning course
Modern Coding involves a lot of planning and understanding of your Target, most coders are able to create beautiful programmes, web-sites and apps, but often have no understanding of the end-user needs. Our project combines the two aspects of Planning and Coding.

7 Day course
1st  Day    Arrival, Welcome  and definition of Coding today
2nd  Day   Planning of a project  a web-site or a social media site
- Learning Outcomes and Target definition
               - Business Management Canvas  - feasibility of the program/site
               - How to create a flow chart –Structure of the program/Site
3rd  Day   Domain name - Create Logos
               - How to use logo software
               - Deciding color and fond schemes,
               - How does the cultural and demographics effect the color and fonts used
               - Which domain name or site name is appropriate for our target
4th Day     Create a site
               - Using templates
               - Coding language like HTML or PHP Training
 5th Day   Create a site
               - Using templates
               - Coding language like HTML or PHP Training
6th Day    Marketing strategy
               - Promotion of site
               - Updating strategy
               - Using Web-Tools, like Morningstar or Hootsuit
7th Day   Testing, Evaluation, Conclusion and Certificates

Coding and Website Training
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