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Personal and Business Life Coach


A Life Coach works along side people to guide them to reach their objectives

A Personal Coach helps unemployed people find a job, or employed people achieve a promotion. Some people are seeking to change their current job for the better. Whetever their job asperations, the key is to ensure the new job will reflect their long term ambitions and carreer potential to the full. 
Help me find a job throughout Europe - MORE -


Through experience, the application of the SMILE technique has proven to be efficent and effective. Adapted and applied on a European Level in Coaching by Giuseppina Bomba it proves to be an important tool in career and business advancement.

Wherever you are in Europe 
and wherever you want to be in Europe 

      • Create you CV and LinkedIn Profile that will make you stand out using our key words and effective tips

      • Build your personalised SMILE strategy to achieve your desired appointments and interviews

      • Interview and meeting preparation bi-lingual and including difficult questions and answering techniques and effective body language

      • Creating and Applying your WOW SMILE system to obtain your desired results and the job

      • Developing your self-confidence and your communication skills


A Business Coach can benefit companies who wish to expand into new markets or using new technologies. The company may have difficulties communicating with certain staff or motivating others to work more effectively. A company may be expanding and as a result lack structure as they change or they may lose focus. The Business Coach guides a company to achieve its objectives. 

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