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Progetto Erasmus+ per l'inclusione e lo sviluppo di competenze digitali

European Projects

Disability Youth Worker

Disability Youth Worker: new digital competences at work!

The Disability Youth Worker (DYW) project, born from the experience in the sector of Borderland without barriers (Poland), Tu First Onlus (Italy) e Inercia Digital (Spain) allowed 50 people from 3 EU countries to confront on the themes of digitalisation and its importance in the 21st century and to reinforce their competences in the field allowing them to better understand how to create, manage and edit their digital image in the different digital platform, increasing their employability and making them more self-confident.

The project was directed to: 
-young people with disability and/or disadvantaged condition. DYW gave them the opportunity to improve their competences and skills providing them with the right tools to face today's world, be more self-confidence and be more active and responsible citizens in their communities. 
- Youth workers supporting this target group. DYW provided them with improved knowledge, skills and competences making them more able to support these young people by providing them with the skills necessary to face in a better way not only their own present and future but also the one of their families and communities. 


DYW combined digitalisation, professional training in innovative contexts, entrepreneuship, employability and coaching creating a flexible pathway which can answer the needs of today's young people. The project, during its two years duration, was able to adapt promptly to today's new condition, creating an online course: Digital Enterprise allowed the young participants to be trained and to interact with a tutor and other peers from other EU countries, keeping high, even at distance the intercultural spirit. The 32 hours course helped the participants develop and improve their digital competences and obtain an official EU certificate (Youthpass).
The project has reached different objectives: 
-strenghtned entrepreneurial, digital and intercultural skills
-young people more employable and self-confident
-more independent and employable young people with disability and/or disadvantaged conditions thanks to a pathway open and innovative
-young people more active in their communities and aware of the advantages of the EU citizenship
-Youth Worker e Youth Work practioners with reinforced skills and competences, able to better answer to the needs of their students and more able to use in an interactive way the new online training platforms. 
-Youth Worker's Guide: providing information, activities and pathways to allow youth workers to create patways for digital skills development. (available in Italian, English, Spanish e Polish)
-Innovative Course on Moodle platform: to allow young people continue strenghten their digital skills (available in Italian, English, Spanish e Polish)

Here an example of what our participants produced 

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