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Press Release

Art – Artisan – Culture Course
“Applied Methods of Cultural Communication” with Erasmus+
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Art – Artisan and culture create an innovative triangle to promote the local territory and sustainable tourism. This objective is ideal for our “Frentano” territory and is the focal point of an Erasmus+ event to train the cultural, artisan and tourism sectors on a European level in the week from the 25th to the 29th March. Hosted by ConnectAbruzzo of Lanciano and CASARTIGIANI the territory will be visited by members of important European museums and cultural and training entities. Giuseppina Bomba from ConnectAbruzzo “Together we are creating a program to open opportunities where art, artisans and culture can grow to obtain a sustainable and attractive direction for tourist development across a territory.”

For several years ICOM and the European Council have recognised the important role of training of the local heritage as a strong point of dialogue to promote EU Citizenship and inclusion. The training on intercultural heritage fosters skills and competences on a personal, social and society level, for example people which are open to new ideas and cultures, understanding diversity and tolerance of each other.

With this in mind, we are going to mix 20 local people from Lanciano with experts of the cultural, artistic and tourism sectors from 5 EU countries (Greece, Spain, Romania, Germany and Italy) to confront each other in an innovative course between the 25-29th March. The course is based on a comparison between and a utilisation of innovative techniques for work-based training. At the course “Applied Methods of Cultural Communication – International Open Museum”, you will learn tyechniques of Storytelling and creating promotional Vlogs on a European level.

In 2016 various professional courses of Museum Mediator were held in Lanciano which enjoyed a great success from participants in terms of learning and successive employment opportunities.

The project Erasmus KA2 “Shared Standard of a New Profession: Museum Mediator”, where the training course “Art – Artisans – Culture – Applied Methods of Cultural Communication” was created which sees the Frentano territory as a Strategic Partner because of the skills acquired by local partners following the Museum Mediator and Vlogger projects and the management skills of the artisan sector. The Project Partners consist of various very important museums and entities on a European level like:

the project leader is the Complexul Muzeal Național „Moldova of Iasi, the biggest museum complex in Romania;
Greek Cultural Institute, one of the Greek entities that manage various museums in Athens including the Acropolis;
Espacio Rojo, a Spanish entity that collaborates with the Prado of Madrid;
Gröne Bildungsinstitut, the biggest professional training entity in Germany;
The Association I 5 Sensi of Lanciano
ConnectAbruzzo of Lanciano – professional training entity and designer of bespoke training courses since 1999

The training and cultural program will be supplied by Giuseppina Bomba, Mimmo del Bello and Leda D’Alonzo, experts in the sector.
It is with great pleasure we have received official sponsorship from Casartigiani of Lanciano and the council of Fossacesia , who can see the importance of creating synergies with different European locations to boost the artisan and tourism sectors.

Fabrizio Bomba ”Artisanship is art! So we are happy to be part of a European level project of this size and to have the opportunity to work with such experienced people and access training on themes such as Storytelling and promotional videos in the art-artisan-culture sectors.”
Enrico – we are very happy to participate in this European Erasmus+ project which promotes the territory of Fossacesia and gives new openings to promote local tourism and train at a European level at no cost to the participant regarding techniques of storytelling and video creation. These are fundamental skills for the future of our tourism and artisan sectors.

If you wish to participate, it is free of charge, but you must register first, for further information 0872 43298
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