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Lanciano, 19/02/2021

Virtual Mobility an exciting opportunity to work within a team on a real work-project and have an experience virtually abroad in a pandemic!


Developing people for work and 
including them in Europe wide opportunities. 

We give people the soft skills and confidence to develope professionally to improve their lives. 

Our vision is founded on practical methods and hands on experience, evolved direct from the work place. We understand what companies need from potential employees and apply this to all elements of our bespoke service. 

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Work Experience in Local Specialist Products

What we do

Advanced and Professional Training Courses 
Objectives based learning, private and Business-to-Business
Partners with International work experience
European level placements / Internships and EU job finders
Regional, National and EU funding
Erasmus+ and Horizon bidding and management
Workshops and soft skills development using Event organisation

Work Experience in Local Specialist Products
Group from 2015
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